What never sleeps, but never tires?

Don’t worry, we didn’t get this teaser along with a useless miniature screwdriver out of a Christmas cracker, it’s a genuine question.

Right, you’ve had your three guesses and you’re way off the mark. The answer is… our purpose built, state of the art, 24-hour facility, of course.

Basically, we couldn’t find a facility to produce the quality and diversity of blades that only a market leader can offer, so we dug deep and invested a whopping £10m over the last 15 years in creating ‘carbon blade production nirvana’. And yes, there is such a place, in Featherstone, and we built it from the ground up. If you’ve not already seen the build stage by stage, catch up on our previous blogs.

It’s wall-to-wall state-of-the-art machinery in our production facility to bring you the very best bandsaw and bandknife blades available anywhere in the world. In fact, 90% of all the kit in there is less than 10 years old. Think ‘Blade Runner’ (minus the flying cars) and you’re not far off the mark – real cutting edge stuff!

Right now, Dakin-Flathers is the market leader in carbon bandsaw and bandknife production. Do we sit back in a bunker cackling on a leather chair stroking a white Persian moggy? No, we don’t. We’re friendly, approachable, constantly looking forward, planning for the future and ensuring we always manufacture the very best quality bandsaw and bandknife blades possible.

So, let’s cut to the chase. The most advanced, high performance and durable bandsaw and bandknife blades come from the most technologically advanced 24-hour production facility. What’s more, Dakin-Flathers never sleeps in the pursuit of excellence and in delivering world-class market leading blades to all our global customers.

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