We’ve started seeing things…

In a good way, don’t worry. It’s about our vision and values. Every company or organization says they have them, but who actually lives them?

At Dakin-Flathers, we live and breathe our values every single day and never lose sight of our vision. It helps when you’ve a dedicated team that are up for the challenge and believe in what we do. Want to know what our values are? Keep reading.

Dakin-Flathers Company Values

We put our phenomenal growth and success down to having a clear vision that we can all work to.

Everyone knows where we stand and together, we set goals and work tirelessly as a team to achieve them. With every milestone achieved, we set new, even more ambitious goals.

We’re all about World-Class quality products and service. Being a British manufacturer that is the envy of the world. A success story that is constantly writing new and exciting chapters.

Nothing is more important than our people. Without investing in the brightest, most hard-working professionals and developing their talent, we wouldn’t be where we are today. We empower our people every day and share success which are incredibly powerful tools. It motivates, creates growth, builds pride and is the glue that binds our team spirit.

Today, Dakin-Flathers is a clear leader in our market sector and that’s not something we’re going to let slip. That’s why we’re always focused on the future, innovating the new and fine-tuning everything we do.

We’re not alone either. We enjoy working with and investing in like-minded companies and people. That’s why we’re constantly searching for partners who share our values and vision and who compliment what we do. Partners who take honesty and integrity just as seriously as we do. Is that you? You should read a little more about becoming a partner here or call +44 (0) 1977 705 600 and speak to our dedicated sales team.

Dakin-Flathers is a fantastic place to work, because it’s our culture – we made it that way. We work with wonderful partners too, who we keep our promises to and help achieve their goals.

Vision and values. Without them, you’re staring failure in the face.

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