We’re in the Guinness Book of World Records!

Well, we should be. Maybe. Why? It’s a bold claim, but Dakin-Flathers manufactures quite possibly the largest range of different sized carbon steel blades in the entire world. It’s not been verified, and to be honest, we’ve not been in touch with the people with clipboards, stopwatches and tape measures at ‘Guinness World Records’ about it, so it’s pure speculation. But our Saw37C range is seriously humungous. Honest. Look at the range here if you want proof.

Our Saw37C range has a variety of specialist blade areas – each designed to outperform the competition in terms of performance, precision and durability. Here’s a quick rundown of just a few…

‘Flexback’ is the real workhorse of the range and is Saw37C’s most popular range of standard bandsaw blades for everyday bandsaw needs. Several sizes are available with the added benefit of extra set teeth.

‘Hobby’ blades are a unique range with its thinner gauge perfect for smaller DIY machines with tighter radii wheels. You’ll be hard pushed to find a larger range elsewhere.

‘Furnisaw’ blades have a much thicker gauge purposely developed for high feed rates within the furniture production industry and all similar environments.

Basically, whether it’s wood, plastic or non-ferrous metal, Saw37C doesn’t rip the competition to shreds, it slices it with ninja precision and leaves a super straight cut so clean, Heston Blumenthal would serve his latest creation off it.

The Saw37C range really is at the cutting edge of carbon bandsaw blades. Ultra strong factory welds and longer blade life means fewer blade changes, less downtime and greater productivity and profitability for you. In short, thanks to their unique metallurgical properties, Saw37C makes other blades look, well, toothless and weak, if you pardon the pun.

It’s all about precision too. Totally uniform CNC teeth setting in the factory results in bandsaw blades with more accurate cutting, a better finished product and dramatic reductions in waste.

In a nutshell, you’re more likely to break the record for most keys removed from a keyring by a parrot (22 in just under 2 minutes if you’re interested) than find a larger, sharper, higher performing and more durable range of bandsaw blades. You can have fun trying, mind.

So if you’re looking for superior quality, why go anywhere else? Interested in the Saw37C range? Then read more here.

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