Think of a number, any number… 37?

If you asked anyone at Dakin-Flathers that question, you’d more than likely get 37 as an answer. It’s an odd number (literally) to choose but what’s so special about 37? Rather a lot, actually.

‘Generation37’ is the name for the ultimate bandsaw and bandknife blade range. Not just Dakin-Flathers’ range of ultimate blades, but the industries. Because the quality of each and every one of our blades is exceptional and the range of different blades for specific uses is mindboggling, you don’t need several suppliers. You just need Dakin-Flathers, wherever you are in the world, simple!

So what’s the significance of 37? Well, our range of blades are unique, each has their own impressive advantage over other leading brands. Some last 37% longer while others have a 37% cleaner cut. 37% really does mean a lot. Less downtime or waste means greater productivity. Think about it…basically it means more money for you.

In our 24-hour purpose-built manufacturing facility, we perfect our techniques with a continual programme of research and development. In fact, with constant stringent checks, quality has become built into everything we do. We know that by investing in the best materials, people, techniques and state-of-the-art machinery, we can achieve blade excellence.

The Generation37 Range in brief…

Internationally recognized, or at least it should be, as the absolute cutting edge of carbon steel bandsaw blades. Manufactured from superior Western European carbon-rich steel, it cuts cleaner, harder, longer, reduces downtime and increases productivity and profits. All that in a single blade, impressive – read more here.

Freshcut37 food bandsaw

Precision ground, bandsaw and bandknife blades for all food processing applications. Uniform cutting geometry delivers greater yield and a cleaner, more visually appetizing cut every time. Click here to read more.


Long-lasting, productivity enhancing bandknife blades that slash operating costs. Fewer blade breakages, higher cut yield and less product waste come as standard – saving money and time. Suitable for all foam processing machines such as Hyma, Bäumer, Sunkist and Firken-Kerfel. Click here to see how Slicer37 could benefit you.


Our high performance sawmill blade for all portable and fixed sawmills including Wood-Mizer, TimberKing, Logmaster, Lumbermate, Hud-Son, Forestor, Baker and Cook’s machines. Tests prove it to last 37% longer lasting than rival blades. Unleashes the full potential of all sawmills with minimum waste and maximum cutting power. Click here to read the full story.


Superior performing, high speed M42 bimetal bandsaw blades for metal processing that cut production times with super tough, long lasting performance. Slices vital minutes off production time when it really counts.

Still want to sink your teeth into more detail, view all our product brochures and range sheets in one spot by clicking here or, call us direct on +44 (0) 1977 705 600. You could even email us on

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