One lean green manufacturing machine…

We’ve already thought of a number, now how about your favourite colour? Actually, we’re not that interested in yours, it’s really ours that counts. Bear with us.

We don’t just concentrate on the finer details of blade manufacture, such as the difference a micron can make to a CNC milled blade tip. We think wider… in fact, we think about the whole wide world and how we can reduce any impact we make on it. ‘Green’ is what counts.

Every business should take corporate and social responsibility for their actions and we’ve taken big steps in minimizing our effect on the environment with recycling packaging and waste materials from production to the more recent investment in three technologically advanced creators of green energy.

Currently, Europe has 25% capacity factor for wind and 17.7% for solar electricity generation and we’ve just contributed to both those figures.

Dakin-Flathers Solar Tracker

Looking like something from a sci-fi movie, our two new Solar PV Trackers have been installed at our state-of-the-art 24 hour manufacturing facility to maximize solar electricity production by tracking the sun throughout the day. However, even this pair are dwarfed by the 400 Solar PV Panels that clad the roof of our premises, something you’d never even notice from the street.

Towering over both of these environmentally-chummy sources of free green power though is our rather elegant looking wind turbine. It can get a bit breezy here in Yorkshire so it was an obvious addition!

If you’d like to see brand new aerial drone footage of all of these, simply click here for a flyby view of our green credentials and our impressive bandsaw and bandknife manufacturing site.

The result of all this solar and wind technology is impressive. All three combine to generate around 140,000kWh of energy, which is around 10% of the Dakin-Flathers manufacturing facility’s overall power usage. To give you an idea of what that equates to in terms of production, the renewable energy alone that we generate enables us to make over 3 million feet of ‘green’ bandsaw blades.

Want to play your part in making the world a ‘greener’ place? Consider Dakin-Flathers as your supplier for bandsaw and bandknife blades and we’ll do all the hard work for you. Email us now to start making a difference,

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