Nearly, but not quite…

So, just over 12 months on and our new extensions are nearly finished.

Our 20,000 square foot factory extension is now complete and is being fully utilised. The re-structure of the factory is proving to be a great success though it has been very hard work!!

The entire factory is now a more lean and happy place to work. The introduction of new machinery and a more streamlined output system have made it even more efficient and the overall look and feel ouse’s quality.

Hopefully this huge effort on our part will now start to bare some fruit for you, our valued customers, and give you the benefit of improved lead times and delivery.

Stage two will be to complete the much needed office space. We are all eager for a little more leg room and new desks, especially now we have a new recruit, but more of this in the New Year so keep an eye out!! I think a few of us are looking forward to a new view around the other side of the building for a change, shotgun for the second floor!!

If the pictures on the exterior are anything to go by, I’m sure you’ll agree that Oliver will make the interior just as impressive…fingers crossed!! 

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