Jack of all trades? Master of none…

We all know the saying, and you know what… it couldn’t be truer. How many times do you have the request “I want a blade that cuts everything”? You’ve run out of fingers haven’t you? Well, that’s because, quite frankly, people want the moon on a stick!

Surely though it can’t be that hard to create a blade that cuts all materials and lasts forever? Actually, it’s impossible. The durability, performance and precision of blades are directly dictated by the qualities of the different materials they are designed to cut.

Try to imagine the amount of technical know-how and innovation that goes into creating a single Dakin-Flathers blade. Quadruple it, add 14, multiply it by six and you’re somewhere close… ish. Now look at it another way – selecting the right blade for a specific job takes serious consideration.

We manufacturer a huge range of blades – that’s because to cut different materials, widths and thicknesses perfectly, you ideally need a specialist blade for each. Fortunately for you, Dakin-Flathers have done all the hard work for you by clearly explaining and directing you to the best blade for the job.

Let’s get technical. We’ve already dealt with the correct TPIs in the last newsletter that you can read here. This month, we’d like to explore the metallurgy of blades.

Metallurgy is the composition and properties of the blades metal ingredients. It’s also the key thing that dictates why some blades last longer than others and can cost up to 10 times as much!

Everyone wants a blade that’s tough and just keeps on cutting. But blades are a balancing act. They have to be flexible yet tough, a bit contradictory, so this is where the challenge starts. Couple that with TPI, tooth shape, set configuration…the list is endless.

In essence, we manufacture blades of two different metallurgies. Carbon steel and M42 bimetal blades.

Our carbon bandsaw blades are designed for cutting wood, non-ferrous metals, plastics, foam and food – quite a diverse range. They’re manufactured from a precision high carbon content steel strip with exclusive properties unique to Dakin-Flathers. Carbon steel creates blades with superior cutting performance and improved fatigue resistance. So the blade has harder teeth, is tougher and runs longer.

Want to cut hard metals? You’ll need a bimetal M42 blade. These are constructed from HSS – high speed steel strip welded to a high strength spring steel alloy backing. The teeth are directly milled into the HSS strip, then heat treated. The result is extremely hard teeth on a flexible back delivering a long life, fatigue resistant blade that can cut straight through hard materials.

So as you see, not all blades are created equal – what they’re made of makes all the difference.

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