Interesting? Handy? Cutting Edge? Our monkey needs to know…

We love our newsletters. They’re the chance for us to tell you all about our great products and the wonderful world of Dakin-Flathers. Now that’s all very nice, but what’s really important is what do you think of them?

We’re not asking you to write them for us (hold on, now there’s an idea!), we just want you to have your say and make sure we’re bringing you the news you find interesting and sending them as often as you’d like.

To do this, we’ve of course enlisted the help of a monkey. It’s the obvious thing to do, right? It’s a rather special monkey though… it’s ‘Survey Monkey’. It’s had all its rabies shots and won’t pull the wipers off your car – it just wants to ask you FIVE simple questions. It’ll take just 60 seconds and we’d really appreciate your support.

Click on the link, tell us what you think…

Clicking the link below and taking a minute to take our survey will make a world of difference to us. Don’t worry, it’s totally anonymous so you can be brutally honest. We’ve thick skin and plenty of plasters.

Here’s the link…

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