I’m free, free falling…

What makes Dakin-Flathers a great employer?

Well, one benefit every employee gets each and every year is the chance to attend our infamous annual company outings. This year’s main event wasn’t for the faint hearted amongst us, indoor sky diving!

Early Tuesday morning the entire workforce crammed together in our canteen for the most important meal of the day. The most important bit for some was that the sandwich was FREE! Fuelled by bacon butties and pots of coffee we headed off two by two to our awaiting luxury coach.

Onwards to ‘Airkix Sky Diving’. For us Yorkshire folk, this means crossing to the wrong side of the Pennines, across the M62 to Manchester where it always seems to be raining although today the weather held out!

Packed tightly into our boiler suits and split into 4 nervous but excited groups we were ready for our taste of free falling. Eagerly awaiting our turn, we all took to the air individually like fledglings on our first flight, some gracefully while others were less so in the 120mph gust of wind!

After touching down and getting our feet firmly back on the ground we headed off for a spot of lunch before our next event, golf.

We all tried our best swings out at the driving range. Some of us were proud to just hit the ball while the other seasoned professionals amongst us were consistently driving balls 250 plus yards!

Overall a great day and that’s one of many things which makes Dakin-Flathers a great employer!

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