Getting greener at Dakin-Flathers…


True to our word, as Dakin-Flathers always are, we have expanded our range of green energy sources to include a new PV solar tracker.

If you get the chance to visit our purpose built facility here in the UK, it’s one of the first things to hit you when you drive up to the factory. It also looks very cool too. We’re starting to look like a company from the future!

Our tracker is a serious piece of kit, allowing us to track the sun throughout the day to maximise energy capture. Not only does it rotate, it also tips and tilts to get the most from the sunny days. It’s almost like a well-oiled robotic version of a very keen sunbather, turning and rotating to catch every last ray of the day!

‘What next…’ I hear you ask? Well, we’ve maximised the sunlight so the next step will be to harness the wind as there’s plenty of it here in Yorkshire. We’ll keep you posted.

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