Fresh is best…. so use Freshcut37

The food industry is obsessed with one thing…freshness. In fact, they’re utterly bonkers about it and rightly so. The quicker they can get their foods to their customers, the fresher they’ll be. That’s why the more efficient they can be in preparing their products and the yummier they look, the better for everyone.

Now what might you call a premium quality bandsaw or bandknife blade that cuts fresh foods 37% cleaner, with ruthless efficiency and reduced production costs? No? Let’s think about this…

Freshcut37 is a banquet of five varieties of food bandsaw and bandknife blades that completely devours the competition for the following applications:

  • Fresh or Frozen Meatprocess specific tooth set reduces product waste for superior yield
  • Frozen Fishunique bright tooth blade to avoid staining light coloured product
  • Carcass Splittingspecial process specific blades for pigs, cattle, sows and buffalo’s
  • Stainless Steel Food Bandsawfor use when adhering to strict food standard health requirements
  • General Purpose Food Bandknifefor baby leaf harvesting, fish filleting, poultry portioning etc

Want to know more? Either keep reading or take a look at our handy product range sheet or full product brochure or both!

So, for starters, each blade is made from premium quality carbon-rich Western European steel, which has all the right ingredients to make them the tastiest blades on the planet.

The main course of manufacturing, where the meaty work is done, is carried out by our cutting edge CNC machines. Diamond-grinding achieves a sharp, perfectly formed tooth profile for fast and efficient cutting. Uniform CNC tooth set gives seriously clean, visually appealing slices for superior yield.

For after’s (or dessert depending where you are from), we coat all blades in food grade oil so they can be used immediately and safely for any application.

The menu of benefits is impressive. Reduced product waste, cleaner cuts, lower production costs, minimum downtime and increased profits. Using Freshcut37 is a mouthwatering prospect!

Whet your appetite? Want to start benefiting from Freshcut37 right now? Call +44 (0) 1977 705 600 or email

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