Dutch Students…take two.

Due to the great experience we had with our last students, Bart and Siar, we have recently had an additional two students, Jorick Elshof and Joost Dijkman, working here at the Dakin-Flathers manufacturing extravaganza.

They came to gain experience in the world of manufacturing and international business, but it’s safe to say they left with a whole lot more…

Both Jorick and Joost said they enjoyed the U.K’s culture and developed their language skills no end. They were surprised by how friendly and helpful both their work colleagues and people they met in more social situations were, especially when they were left puzzled by colloquial conversations. Whilst here they took the opportunity to visit some of our larger cities, and even caught a match or two of football, something both guys were interested in- especially when their home side were playing in the U.K.

When it came to their work they were an industrious pair, who helped no end with the re-organisation and growth of the stock control/despatch departments in our new factory extension, as well as completing their own University coursework.

With respect to their previous experience in both larger and smaller companies, the guys agreed there was a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere at Dakin-Flathers and were surprised by how open even the MD and Company Chairman were to questions and a general chat when they were available . In their experience of businesses in Holland they were used to the office environment especially being a more formal environment with Managers and Department Heads sitting separate from the rest of the office.

On the whole I think Jorick and Joost enjoyed their time at Dakin-Flathers and it gave them an insight into U.K. manufacturing companies and how they differ from the Holland companies they are more familiar with.

When they return to Holland both guys have upcoming placements before breaking up for the summer, one is moving into the retail/wholesale arena whilst the other is going into the hospitality sector. Both these industries will no doubt bring with them their own challenges and I’m sure I speak for everyone at Dakin-Flathers when I wish them well.

If they ever come to visit Featherstone in the future they’re more then welcome to visit and see how we’ve grown and changed, something they assure me they would like to do in future.


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