Charity begins at home…

 As I’m sure many of you are aware, possibly highlighted by a number of gentlemen in your vicinity, the Movember charity event, to raise awareness of men’s cancers and illness by growing a moustache, has recently ended. No doubt bringing with it many happier looking men, not to mention their partners.

Until recently this was a charity I, along with many others at Dakin-Flathers, had heard about and possibly sponsored but nothing more…all that was about to change.

Spurred on by our own Despatch Manager a small number of us in our factory at Featherstone, decided to try our hand, or should I say lip, at growing a moustache and raising money for a very worthy cause. It was hard growing, sorry going, at first and needless to say itchy in the end, but somewhere in the middle our competitive spirit kicked in and we all managed to resist the lure of the razor.

Although we looked a questionable bunch, you can assess yourselves by examining our photograph, our colleagues at Dakin-Flathers, as well as personnel at Calor Gas and Ashgrove J and I school, joined in by generously sponsoring our cause and helping to raise approximately £1000!

This is not the only charity which is supported by Dakin-Flathers, earlier this year some of our personnel challenged themselves to an extensive bike ride for charity. But it is at least our latest efforts to help the local community and people less fortunate then ourselves. All of the money will be going to a local men’s cancer charity and we hope will go someway to helping their cause or eradicating the disease.

Dakin-Flathers helps with charity fundraising.

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