Bob the Builder’s got nothing on us…

I know it’s been a while since we’ve updated this particular topic but I’m sure you’ll agree, from the pictures below, it’s clear out builders and architects have been doing a sterling job whilst out of the spot light.

As you can see the factory extension is fully complete and is already being utilized for additional storage and new machinery. Within the next few months we will be having a restructure of the factory to make way for brand new equipment as well as extending the machine lines we already poses.

This will enable us to become more streamline and efficient, whilst increasing output and maintaining the high quality standards you’ve come to expect from one of the world’s leading bandsaw and bandknife suppliers. Two things we definitely pride ourselves on.

The new office extension is complete on the outside and internal layouts are now being drawn up before the internal fixings are introduced, but don’t worry, we’re being democratic as to who gets the biggest office- names in a hat is my vote!?

With its large expanse of floor to ceiling windows and striking Dakin- Flathers colours the extension certainly is an impressive feature on our new building and is visible as soon as anyone enters the industrial estate.

I’ve no doubt that once complete internally the office extension will add as much to the businesses efficiency and productivity as the factory extension.

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