‘B’ is for…?

Bandsaw? Brilliant? Breakthrough? Blimey? Actually, all of the above. The ‘B’ in question in Dakin-Flathers Saw37B range stands for ‘Bimetal’ and it’s the special metallurgical properties that give every blade in the range its incredible long life.

The blurb on the front of our new brochure (click here) calls it “Superior Performing, High Speed Metal Cutting M42 Bimetal Bandsaw Blade – 37% More from Your Saw”. Okay, so it’s not the slickest of straplines, but it’s not marketing bravado either. To prove it we’ll break it down and see what that actually means.

Dakin-Flathers Saw37B M42 Bimetal Bandsaw Blade

Superior performing? Well, you’d kind of expect that with it being a Dakin-Flathers Generation37 blade – after all, it’s been over 100 years in the making. It’s the Saw37B’s unique combination of performance and durability that leaves other blades standing.

High Speed Metal Cutting? We’re talking a high performance blade here with serious bite. The teeth are infinitely tougher than the backing strip and are milled by super-accurate CNC machines directly into the high speed strip (HSS). The result is a blade that is so super-resistant to heat, abrasion and vibration that it can cut a wider range of materials faster and safer.

M42 Bimetal Bandsaw Blade? Let’s talk metallurgy. The Saw37B has very special metallurgical properties, which prolong the life of the blade. The HSS is electron beam welded to a high strength spring steel alloy backing paired with ultra-strong factory welds when purchased in loops. Sounds impressive, and it is. What this does is create a dream combination of extreme toughness and fatigue resistance for exceptional performance and increased blade life, with blisteringly fast cutting speeds.

37% More from Your Saw? We hold our hands up, this isn’t quite accurate. It’s actually higher. All saws in the Dakin-Flathers Saw37 range are a minimum of 37% more durable than the overall market. However, Saw37B blades, thanks to their unique metallurgy, when tested to destruction actually widen that gap to 42%. That’s 42% greater production blade efficiency.

So there you have it. If you want a super-tough, long lasting blade that slices through production times and costs, nothing else makes the cut. Call Dakin-Flathers on +44 (0) 1977 705 600 or email us at sales@dakin-flathers.com to find out more.

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