Asda Foundation Leeds 10K 2014

Running, how hard can it be?

Earlier in the year a small group of Dakin-Flathers employees decided to enter the Asda Foundation Leeds 10k 2014. Some entered to achieve personal goals while other just wanted the chance to beat their work colleagues to earn bragging rights! As you can guess, banter was wide spread throughout the building for a fair few weeks.

After several months of training, comparing times, running techniques, dietary requirements and a visit to the doctors due to rubbing new trainers the big day arrived, with five brave members of the Dakin-Flathers family entering the 10,000 entrant strong event.

To mark the big day, and to add to the team spirit, Dakin-Flathers kitted the team out with matching corporate branded running tops which made the bunch look rather professional, almost like a running club.

The weather was kind for once with a bright sunny day and all five made it to the finish line, eventually!!

First across the line for Dakin-Flathers was Chris Brown in a time of 45.55, which was pretty quick considering the overall first place time of 31.45. Well done to you all!

What’s next you might ask? Well, you’ll need to watch this space.

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