And so it begins…

Due to a number of contributing factors including an increase in our bandsaw and band knife range we are currently having the factory/offices increased to nearly double its original size!?!

The additional space created by this extension will not only help us to reach our ever increasing production targets, by bringing in more personnel and machinery, but it will also allow us to re-evaluate our layout so as to be true to our lean manufacturing roots.

Dakin-Flathers has always been a keen user of the Lean Manufacturing principals as set out by Toyotism and Ford. We believe by reducing waste and increasing quality we will produce the best band saw and band knife available thus satisfying our customers and making the most from the resources available.

Although with the building work starting we are entering a transitional period with a vast amount of upheaval, rest assured that we will do our upmost to make sure this does not interfere with us providing you with superior quality bandsaw and bandknife.

As you can see from the photographs below the initial groundwork has begun and the building contractors are working feverishly to complete the build as quickly as possible whilst causing as little disruption to our working day as they can (which we very much appreciate).

With things progressing at such a rapid pace I’m sure it won’t be long before there’s a lot more to show you, so keep your eyes on our website, twitter and blog pages to keep up to date with the “Dakin-Flathers build watch”!?

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