And now, the end is near…

Don’t worry, its nothing too serious, I just thought I would add a little drama- or rather extra drama, to todays blog.

The slightly sad news is that after a little over 2 years with Dakin-Flathers I will be leaving in the next couple of days to take up a new position. I know to some this will make little to no difference but I thought I ought to take this opportunity to thank Dakin-Flathers for all the opportunities and experiences they’ve given me, as well as for providing the good people I started working with as colleagues but who I’ve come to regards as friends.

I have had fun, learnt a great deal and faced plentiful challenges during my time learning about bandsaws, their blades and the difficulties facing our customers. I hope whilst I have been here I have helped at least a couple of you fine customers, and I’d just like to say I appreciate all the patience shown when I first started and was learning the ropes, or should that be coils?

But now a new opportunity has presented its self which I simply can’t turn down, so I’m packing up my pens, notepad and knapsack (figuratively speaking) and heading for pastures new. Don’t worry I won’t be forgetting all the knowledge I’ve learnt whilst at Dakin-Flathers, if nothing else the ability to convert inches/mm to feet will come in handy in my new position I’m sure.

I’ll be sad to leave my colleagues as many of them have become friends, but we’ll stay in touch through the wonders of technology and I’m sure they’ll keep me upto date with any and all Dakin-Flathers developments. They’ll also be taking care of the blog and any other issues you might have until a suitable replacement can be located.

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