A different type of education…

Earlier last year we had the opportunity to accommodate a couple of Dutch students, studying Business and Economics who wanted some additional business experience, especially in the U.K.

Both Bart (Meulenmeesters) and Siar (Rahimi) arrived and settled in well, both into the business and socially. They were a great asset to our organisation whilst here, gaining valuable experience in our export department as well as helping the company carry out some additional evaluations with a view to streamlining our approach to transport/courier companies.

Recently, since their stay with us was coming to an end I grabbed the chance to have a chat with them about their stay in the U.K. and how British businesses differ from their previous experiences in the Netherlands.

Both agree that the atmosphere in U.K. businesses is very informal compared to the Netherlands, although they accept that Dakin-Flathers is a close knit company. They were surprised by how involved both the Chairman and Managing Director were in the day to day business affairs and how approachable they were if any questions arose.

They also enjoyed the different social aspects of the U.K., both inside and outside the business. Although sometimes the surrounding conversations could have been lost in translation, (I’m from South Yorkshire and I sometimes find myself lost with the local, West Yorkshire slang) both Siar and Bart commented upon how helpful and friendly everyone was.          

Bart and Siar have now returned to the Netherlands to continue their studies, and all at Dakin-Flathers wish them well for the future. They are taking back with them a variety of business related skills and experiences, as well as the additional ability of being able to speak broad Yorkshire, a skill I’m sure you’ll agree will stand them in good stead for the future.

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