7 crazy Yorkshire men, 7 bikes, 1 Land Rover and over 1000 miles…

‘The Yorkshire Terriers’ are a seven man strong team (plus one stronger female support driver) of bike nuts from Yorkshire, hence their rather original team name!!

The unique lycra loving team consists of our very own CEO of Dakin-Flathers, Oliver Garside (the official team sponsor), plus 6 of his biker buddies; Garry Ogden, Rupert Pearson, Nick Hewitt, Robin Litten, Matt Milbourn and Andy Mullins.

Over a few cheeky beers in the local pub a challenge arose. As you all know, after a couple of pints things always get a little out of hand!! What started as, ‘let’s do a big ride to see how fit we are…100 mile ride this weekend?’ turned into, ‘let’s do a cost to coast, make it interesting!’ ended up as ‘let’s cross a country in 9 days, France seems like a fair bet!!’and so it began…

Saturday 4th May 2013 saw the start of adventurous journey into the unknown from Forge-Phillipe in Belgium. Day 1 saw a not too shabby distance of 64.1 miles covered in just over 4 hours with day 2 turning out a more impressive 103.3 miles in 6 and a half hours, they must have definitely been going downhill or had a tail wind this day!!!

Four days in, 1 puncture, a broken Garmin, a faulty chain and a flooded route – will they make it?!?

You’ll need to check back in a few days to see if the snappy ‘Yorkshire Terriers’ cross the line, or the border to Spain to be more precise!

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